Clearbit UI Update          

Research, Wire framing, UI Design

Tools: Figma
Timeline: 1 day

Project Overview

Clearbit has a large database of company and individual contact information that businesses use to better identify, understand, and engage with their target audience. Marketing and sales professionals use this data to create personalized campaigns as opposed to creating more general campaigns.

Clearbit saw an opportunity to reach startup SaaS companies who don’t have the capacity or the finances to use Clearbit’s flagship enterprise product. In response, they’ve developed a new product with a top B2B marketing data platform to empower up-and-coming startups and small businesses.

→ Engage SMB (small-medium business) audience
→ Stand out from competitors
→ Motivate startup marketers to sign up for a free trial 

Research Process

Pain Points:
Marketing teams at startup SaaS companies have a limited amount of customer data due to their newness, which puts them at an even greater disadvantage against larger SaaS brands.

The website should give startup marketing teams confidence in their marketing data and empower them to compete with more established companies. The visual aspects of their website to appeal to their new demographic and stand out from their competitors. 

The updated design is meant to guide marketers from SMBs and startups through the new product/platform — from establishing and highlighting brand recognition and reliability, data and statistics, and finally, a guided video on how the product works.